When it comes to painting your home, white paint colors can be gorgeous. White never goes out of style, which is why this staple should always be your number one choice.

When you are choosing white paint, look for one with warm undertones that complement the other colors in the room. Natural light and artificial lighting can both change how a color reads in your home so it’s important to consider both sources of light when making a decision.

White paint is especially popular because its neutral hue makes it possible to layer a variety of colors and textures for an interesting, unique look. The combination of different shades of white in a single space will give the room depth and dimension.

Blended whites can create a celestial effect with plenty of light bouncing around throughout the day. This is particularly useful for smaller spaces as it can make them appear larger than they actually are. However, in larger spaces, using whites with more contrast can help create a more defined look.

White paint is one of the most versatile colors for any room – it’s easy to combine with other colors, and it goes especially well when paired with natural elements like wood and stone. Whether you’re looking for a classic, minimalist style or something bold and unique, white paint can be the perfect starting point. With a few simple touches or accents, you can create a space that’s sure to spark conversations among your friends and family.

But did you know that there are numerous shades of white to choose from, each with its distinct advantages? If not, we’re here to change that. Read on to find out all you need to know about choosing the right white color variant for your home.

1.   Sherwin Williams, Pure White

If your goal is to go for the brightest shade possible, Pure White is definitely the right option for you. It shines from a distance and looks warm without any creaminess to it.

2.   Sherwin Williams, Oyster White

Oyster White is so warm that it actually borders on greige. This shade is especially suitable for homes with wood accents on the exterior, as the contrast makes for a more sophisticated look.

3.   Benjamin Moore, Simply White

Although the name might fool you, this hue is actually not plain white. In fact, it has a rather warm yellowish undertone that will give your house a unique and inviting appearance.

4.  Benjamin Moore, White Dove

This shade is quite soft, and it has hints of light and warm gray. It is one of the most popular color choices at the moment, as it offers the perfect balance between warmth and elegance.

5.  Sherwin Williams, Snow Bound

In case you dislike warm tones and want to go for bright and clear, Snow Bound will be the perfect choice. It has a tiny hint of neutral gray in it, just enough to give your home that distinct edge over all the others.

6.  Benjamin Moore, China White

On the other hand, if you’d like a white and gray mixture that won’t be blinding, you can go for China White. While it may appear a bit dingy in interior spaces, it is ideal for exteriors because of its warm creaminess.

7.  Sherwin Williams, White Duck

Speaking of creamy — if you need a shade that won’t appear yellowish when the sun hits it, White Duck is a good option. It goes perfectly with brick exteriors, so definitely use it if you want to accentuate your home’s build.

8.  Sherwin Williams, Natural Choice

And finally, if you cannot decide whether you like yellowish or grayish-white more, why not try something in the middle? Natural Choice is excellent in that regard, as it takes the best of both worlds and creates an unmatched shade.

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