Painting can help you achieve a fresh, new look for the interior of your home, and can completely change the mood of any room. Applying colors that excite, soothe, or set any other mood is an important part of creating your home’s look and ambience. Painting the interior of your home opens up a wonderful opportunity to express what inspires you and bring to life your decorating vision by adding character or creating intimacy.

Interior paint sheens also play a huge factor in your interior painting project and involves both aesthetic and practical considerations. From an aesthetic standpoint, sheen or gloss creates visual interest, particularly indoors. From a practical standpoint, the right sheen or gloss can help extend the life of the paint job and assist in proper day to day wear and maintenance.

As a top residential painter, Mike’s Decorating specializes in a wide variety of work including staining and painting of trim, moldings, rails, over wallpaper, fireplaces, mantels, fiberglass doors, steel doors, box and coffered ceilings. Looking for a certain style – modern and sleek, warm and modest, or ornately extravagant? We are ready to hear your ideas. Color consultations are available – our designers are friendly, creative and love what they do!


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