Although it might seem like a simple matter, matching white kitchen cabinets to a specific wall color can get quite tricky. You have to think about the bigger picture and the kind of vibe and impression you want to achieve.

Luckily, we are here to help. Below, you’ll find a guide to finding the best wall colors that will complement your white kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Wall Color Guide


Are you going for a clean and minimalistic look for your kitchen? In that case, it’s best to pair your white cabinets with white walls. Depending on the exact shade of your cabinets, you can experiment with different hues (creamy, clear, bright, off-white) until you find a combination that fits your vision.

A Contrasting Color

By combining white with a contrasting color, you can make your kitchen look unique and eye-catching. Naturally, the most obvious choice is black. However, if that’s too overwhelming, you can also experiment with dark blue, charcoal gray, forest green, or deep brown.

Whatever shade you pick, your kitchen will appear luxurious and expensive, adding a touch of elegance to your entire home.

A Coordinating Color

Not a fan of huge contrasts? Worry not, because you can easily pair white with a coordinating color and achieve a clean but sophisticated look. Great options include soft gray, taupe, beige, or light yellow. By picking one of these hues, you’ll make your kitchen seem warmer and more inviting to your family and guests alike.

A Bold Color

Last but not least, a suggestion for those who love bold and bright colors in their homes. Since white is a classic choice, it goes well with just about any hue under the sun.

From happy yellow and warm orange to bold pink and relaxing green, there are no limits to how colorful and creative you can get. Just take a look at the rest of your home to see which shade would fit in best, and your job will be done!

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