I always wondered why when painting a room everybody focuses only on the walls, leaving the ceiling pretty much untouched. There are so many ways in which it can be decorated, and, oftentimes, the final result looks like it was taken straight out of a home decor magazine. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that custom-painted ceilings are the latest trend in interior design. Taking your interior paint work from walls to ceiling can enhance the rooms feng shui in more ways than one. Let’s dive in. 

Don’t Shy Away From Adding Some Color or a Pattern

An interesting way to pull an entire design together is to add a pop of color to your ceiling. And you don’t have to stick to one color, either! For instance, if you have a couple of accent walls in the room, your ceiling could feature an abstract pattern in the same shades. 

Mask Imperfections With Color

However, a painted ceiling can have more than just an eye-pleasing effect. Sometimes it can be used to disguise various architectural quirks of the building. For instance, if there are any odd-looking corners that you just want to hide (or emphasize), consider a bold color or a pattern. Applying colors that excite, soothe, or set any other mood is an important part of creating your home’s look and ambience.  

Adopt the Preexisting Elements Into Your Design

If your house already has some unique architectural elements, but something about them is not quite right yet, or they don’t go well with the rest of the design, you should try painting them. It could make a great difference! 

Another nice way to draw the eye up is by accentuating any exposed beams your house may have — you could do this by carving them or painting them a color that contrasts the rest of the ceiling. 

Faux molding is yet another creative way to draw attention to the upper side of the room. Faux finishes create the illusion of texture on almost any surface. It adds texture and, if you play with various colors (think of a white ceiling and gold molding with a touch of royal blue, for example), you could achieve a beautiful ornate look. Make your living space as unique as you are!

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