Are you renovating your kitchen and wondering what to do with your cabinets? Painting and staining are two options you can go for, and they both have their distinct advantages.

Here’s what you need to know before choosing one or the other.

Painted Cabinets


With paint, you can get a sleek and shiny finish to your cabinets. So, if you’re going for a clean and minimalist look, paint is definitely the option for you.

In addition, paint allows you to get extra colorful and customize your cabinets fully. You can go for anything from teal to sunny yellow and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Last but not least, paint also adheres better to some materials, including MDF. Thus, you’ll have a simple time painting your cabinets and won’t have to worry about peeling or any similar issues.


It’s important to mention that paint covers up character features. So, if you want wood patterns to be visible on your cabinets, you’ll want to use stain instead of paint.

Furthermore, finding the exact same color and dealing with chips and peeling paint, you may have some issues trying to fix up your cabinets as time goes by.

Stained Cabinets


In direct opposition to paint, stain allows all wood patterns and character features to shine through. So, if you’re looking for a more homey and vintage look, it’s a much better option.

Moreover, the stain is extra easy to touch up. As soon as you notice a problem area, reapplying the stain will make it look brand new once again.


As much as it allows your cabinets’ texture to shine through, stain also leaves all wood blemishes visible. If these blemishes bother you and take away from the overall feel of the kitchen, it’s better to cover them up with paint.

Compared to paint, stain adheres to MDF slightly less efficiently. So, the finished product won’t look as sleek, and you may have to do several touch-ups in the future.

Staining is about 1/3 pricier than paint due to the need to tone more to hide blemishes. If the cabinets are already stained,  it takes some work to create an even finish.

And when it comes to cleaning, darker stains and finishes do little to hide dust. Therefore, you either need a light stain or some paint if you don’t want to dust your kitchen often.

Ready to Make a Decision?

If you’re ready to choose a style for your cabinets, Mike’s Decorating and Painting is here for you. And in case you need to discuss your options in even more detail, we are just a call away. Together, we can work out a plan that will make the kitchen of your dreams a reality!