Every kitchen needs a makeover from time to time. If your kitchen cabinets are old and you’re tired of their color, choosing a new one might be just what you need. The days of the dull and unimpressive colors you are used to are behind you. Below, we will give you the list of the boldest new kitchen cabinet colors that will make your kitchen shine.

Sophisticated Grays

Charcoal Gray

This shade of gray goes perfectly with white counters or trim. You can pair it up with almost any color palette, as it will bring a touch of luxury to any combination. We like it best combined with vibrant metallic shades, as the contrast is subtle yet a tad dramatic.

Hazy Gray

If you want subtlety, this shade is the way to go. It evokes misty, delicate summer vibes that will make your kitchen look warm but extravagant.

Hazy grey goes with virtually any colors, so you can pick the rest of your kitchen color palette freely.

Fancy Greiges

Stone Greige

This soft shade of greige goes rather well with whites or any bright colors. It will accentuate them while also adding the tiniest touch of sophistication to your cabinets.

Light Beige

Also known as off-white, this color is always a good choice, because you can pair it with virtually any palette. Additionally, it will look amazing with various styles of tiles, backsplashes, and granites. If you want something bright but still subdued, this should be your pick.

Even Bolder Colors

Moody Blues

Dark shades of blue are becoming increasingly popular with kitchen cabinet designers. This luxurious shade will give your kitchen a rich look. Additionally, it will add a dramatic touch of chic stylishness you will not be able to resist.

When it comes to this color, the saying that opposites attract holds. This shade of blue goes great with fully white counters.

Sky Blue

Dark blues aren’t the only popular shades of blue this season. Lighter options also work, as they make your kitchen look warm and give it character.

Combine this shade with grey or white countertops, and you will get a fresh and bold new look. If you want to go even bolder, you can try painting the lower cabinets blue while keeping the upper ones white. This contrasted vibe will make your kitchen look fresher than ever.

Bold Green

Nothing will give your kitchen a dramatic look as bold forest green. If you pair it with some imaginative tile patterns and bright countertops, your kitchen will look simply unforgettable.

To Conclude

As you have read, it is time to say goodbye to ordinary kitchen cabinet colors and go for a bolder new look. Hopefully, our color picks give you the inspiration you need to plan a makeover that will transform your home. You may also want to reference our blog article, The Colors in Your Kitchen Can Completely Change Your Mood to help you make your decision for your next kitchen cabinet color!

When you decide on a shade you like, contact a reliable and experienced painting company that will make your vision become reality. We are waiting for you.