You don’t have to be an expert to realize that dark cabinets can bring a sophisticated and sleek look to any kitchen. In fact, they are an amazing choice for those who want to add a dramatic touch to their home.

However, when not done right, dark cabinets can actually make your kitchen look and feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s vital to balance this heavy decor element. So, let’s take a moment and check out a few paint colors that you can use to make the most out of your dark cabinets.

Bold Colors

Do you want to add a funky and playful look to your kitchen? Then a bright pop of color is all you need to make your dark cabinets stand out! But instead of painting your walls with vibrant colors, you can use your furniture. More specifically, you can paint it in a variety of dynamic shades. Just try to stick to one or two colors while keeping the rest of your palette neutral in order to round out your kitchen.

Bright White

If your cabinets are black or dark brown, you can easily create a modern vibe with the help of bright white. The resulting high contrast is a perfect fit for contemporary kitchens. However, if you decide to go for all-white walls, you might want to add small pops of color through appliances and accessories. And, for darker walls and backsplash, you can use white as the main accent color.

For instance, let’s say you have gray walls, a dark backsplash, and dark cabinets. In that situation, it’s best to include some white contrast through stools, chairs, tables, and even dishes. This basic color palette can easily stand out and create a significant visual impact.

Warm Neutrals

Dark wood cabinets work best when they are surrounded by colors that bring out the warmth in their wood. As a result, you should consider lighter neutrals with warm undertones, particularly taupe, beige, linen, soft blush pink, or creamy white. Take this idea to the next level and emphasize the warm undertones with accents in the same color family. As an example, you can add yellow accents to creamy white-painted walls. Or, amplify the pinkish undertones with the help of dark pink accents.

Frosty Neutrals

Lastly, darker wood cabinets that have cool undertones, such as espresso and dark shades of brown, match cooler-toned neutrals perfectly. Generally speaking, this color scheme includes shades of lavender-toned or blue-gray, greige, sage-green, and dark blue-gray.

By choosing one of these shades, you can open up your kitchen space and make it appear bigger and brighter. And, when it comes to accents, you should choose more vibrant versions of the color you’re trying to highlight. For example, gray with green undertones can be further enhanced by some green accents.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With Dark Cabinets

There’s no doubt that dark cabinets are powerful tools that can help improve the look and feel of your kitchen. However, balancing them takes a bit of effort. But whether you go for warm neutrals or bold colors, there’s always room for experimentation. And, if you want some more advice with your kitchen painting projects, our professionals are always eager to help!