When you want to add a pop of color to a room, doing an accent wall is a great way to go. Modern but timeless, accent walls can find their home in just about any room, from the kitchen to a bathroom.

But how do you choose the perfect wall for this home transformation? Here’s what you need to know before starting your new painting project.

First Things First: What’s an Accent Wall?

As its name suggests, an accent wall deviates from the rest of the room in color. Though it is most commonly found in bedrooms and living rooms, some people also paint one in their kitchens, bathrooms, and even hallways.

The purpose of an accent wall is simple: it is supposed to add a bold note to a room and shake things up. That is why accent walls are often bright and vivid, while the rest of the room is more neutral.

How to Choose an Accent Wall

These are some tips you can use to decide which wall to accentuate.

Do Pick an Essential Wall

First off, choose a wall that is visible immediately upon entering a room. An accent wall should become the focal point of the entire space, so it has to be prominent.

Do Match the Accent to Already Existing Features

Next, look for certain architectural features that could benefit from emphasizing. For example, if a wall features a fireplace or a built-in bookshelf, you should also add a pop of color to it.

Don’t Go for a Wall With Windows or Slanting

Lastly, it’s best if the walls you choose are symmetrical and feature no windows. That way, the design you pick will be the star of the show, and the entire room won’t appear tacky.

Styling Tips

Now that you know how to pick an accent wall, let’s talk styling.

Don’t Stick to Colors Alone

Although solid colors are always a popular choice, this season is all about patterns. Whether you go for geometrical shapes or funky drawings, you cannot go wrong with mixing bright colors with bold patterning.

Don’t Forget About Texturing

If you’d rather accentuate the texture of the walls instead of the color, wood or tile are always great options. You can choose either style based on the color of the rest of the room and your furniture.

Do Use Wallpaper

For those who don’t want to paint the wall, wallpaper is also a superb option. You can use it to cover an entire wall or cut out shapes and strategically place them across the surface. Temporary DIY wallpaper is a great way to go and is easy to take down when you are ready for a change.

Need Any Help?

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