There’s no easier way to add some life into a room than with a cool wall. Now is the perfect time to freshen up your home and go bold with a paint job. The only question is, which design will look best? To help you navigate all of the different color schemes, finishes, and methods, we’ve come up with our top 9 list of wall painting ideas.


1. Vertical/Horizontal Stripes

Using tape to block off certain parts of a wall can create some amazing effects. However, getting the lines straight is pretty tricky, which is why it might be best to call a professional if you want a striped wall.


2. Polka Dots

Scandinavian style cupboard and a wooden toy dining set in a cute girly bedroom interior for a child with white wall and pastel pink decorations

An accent polka dot wall will make any room look youthful and cheerful. It’s best when it’s done free-hand, but we can also use pre-made stencils. What’s more, we can do smaller dots in a single color, or bigger ones with a mix of shades.


3. Patterns

The Herringbone and Chevron patterns have become really popular recently, and it’s easy to see why. They add so much depth and dimension and look incredible in any room. Also, they can be done with all sorts of colors.


4. Ombre

Grey and blue bedding on bed against ombre wall in minimal bedroom interior with ladder

Gradient walls will add depth and dimension to any room in a home, but they can be difficult to do alone. To pull off a gradient or ombre wall, you’d need to learn how to blend wall paint, which is not an easy task but has really satisfying results.


5. Half Color

Only painting half a wall is definitely a bold statement and one that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, we think that, when done right, it looks really modern and edgy.


6. Chalkboard Wall


7. Watercolor

Even though it looks deceivingly easy to do, a watercolor wall might be pretty tricky. Nevertheless, it still brings an element of elegance to any room and can look stunning in multiple colors.


8. Color Blocking

Doing a color block on a wall is probably one of the easiest ways to add an accent. Even doing a small section, and not an entire wall, can create some incredible results and brighten up any room.

A chalkboard wall makes for a really fun and stylish accent wall that you can easily change up and customize. All it takes is sanding the wall beforehand and applying a few coats of chalkboard paint.


9. Painting Texture

For those who have any sort of texture on their walls, we always recommend painting instead of sanding. No matter what the texture is, with the right color selection, it can bring so much life into a home.



But as we said earlier, some of these methods are deceivingly difficult to do, which is why it’s always best to call the professionals at Mike’s Decorating. Not only can we paint the inside of your home, but we can also apply any of these ideas on the exterior, as well.