Mike’s Decorating is more than just a house painting company. We specialize in cabinets, front doors, stairs, painting, drywall, and more.

Your Questions Answered

When I receive a quote, are labor and materials included in the total?
Absolutely! Prior to providing a quote, we will agree upon a scope based on our initial meeting. Once this scope is complete, we provide a quote that includes all labor and material necessary for your project.

Do your crews work on multiple projects?
When we start your project, our crew will not receive a new project until yours has been completed.

Do you have managers on-site?
Yes, there is a designated crew leader for each of our crews who is responsible for the crew and the project. They will be with your crew each day until the project is completed.

How many coats of paint do you use?
When applied properly, two coats of paint are all you will need. Our quotes include two coats of paint applied by our professional crews.

How experienced are your crews?
Our crew leaders have been with us for anywhere from 10 to 15 years. They have the experience and skill you can put your trust in.

Will you move furniture if needed?
It depends on the size of the furniture. Our crews will move large furniture but are not responsible for small items. Before your project begins, please move all small items out of the area.

Do you cover furniture?
We take pride in leaving your home cleaner than we found it. We will cover all furnishings, cabinets, and furniture as necessary to protect it for the duration of your project.

What happens if my walls are damaged?
Our crews will patch all holes, cracks, and dings in your walls prior to painting. There is no need to hire a drywall company.

About Us

Proudly Serving Chicago and Northwest Indiana Since 1984  

Over 36 years of experience and dedication to 100% satisfaction make Mike’s Decorating  & Painting the preferred choice for kitchen cabinetry refinishing, entry door refinishing,  staircase refinishing, drywall, and interior and exterior painting.  

With a passion for customer satisfaction, top-of-the-line handiwork, and affordability, Mike’s  Decorating & Painting has been a staple home remodeling company in Chicago and  Northwest Indiana since 1984. Our company is known for our work with residential homes, new construction, and revitalizing new and existing commercial interiors and exteriors. Superior customer service, plus our artistic elegant quality sets us apart in the marketplace.

For nearly two decades we have been beautifying the interior and exteriors of homes and businesses. We have grown into one of the largest and most recognized decorating and painting companies in the area.

From interior and exterior painting to custom kitchen cabinetry refinishing, our Chicago and  Northwest Indiana teams aim to exceed expectations. We take pride in our workmanship,  customer relations, and ability to provide quality at an affordable price for homeowners,  business owners, property owners, and more.

The Most Trusted Decorating and Painting Company in the Chicago and Northwest  Indiana Community, at your service.  

You can rest assured our skilled technicians are the best in the region with impeccable training and continued education that makes their work second to none.