No one looks forward to laundry day. Even though people love the smell of fresh laundry and the sight of a closet filled with folded sheets, the task of dealing with baskets of dirty laundry can be tiresome. Additionally, while the rest of your home may be well decorated, there’s a good chance that you haven’t paid enough attention to the decor in your laundry room. 

However, this space doesn’t have to be all work and no play. A simple coat of paint on the cabinets or walls could help create a welcoming atmosphere. So, to help you improve the style of your laundry room, we rounded up a couple of appealing paint color ideas. From neutral to dark to bold, here are some of our favorite picks. 


Choosing white as your base color and then adding watery blue accents is the best way to give your room that sunlit vibe that you crave. Painting your laundry room using Misty Aqua will make your chores feel like a vacation. 


Folding laundry can be a meditative task, especially after a long day at work. If you want to make the most of that Zen quality, you can do so with a soothing neutral hue on the walls. Colors like Transcend, brown-sugar beige, or Gypsum can emphasize the calm side of your life. Suddenly, spending hours sorting through your laundry doesn’t seem like a chore anymore. 

Mint Green

When it comes to restoring equilibrium to the body and soul, nothing beats the power of a spa day. It’s time to capture the essence of the spa with a gorgeous New Mint Green or a relaxing French Market. These hues pair extremely well with gray, white, or birch cabinets. And, if you want to go the extra mile, you can personalize your Mint Green wall with some floral wallpaper. 


Most laundry rooms are small, meaning that you can experiment with some crazy colors. Muted hues like Autumn Glow can do wonders for any small room. But, if you want something with a zing, then a burst of Fresh Lemonade is right up your alley. 


Generally speaking, gray is one of the most popular colors for the whole house. However, this reliable color can make a small laundry room look larger and a bigger one feels cozier. And while there are a lot of gray hues, we recommend the silvery Universal Gray or Gray Marble. 

Black and White

Few things say crisp and elegant more than black and white. This timeless combo is one of the best paint colors that you can go for. You can either decorate your laundry room with black cabinetry or just paint the walls black. It’s simple, stylish, and easy to clean. But don’t forget to pair it with a few white appliances or cabinets. But if you don’t want to fully commit to black walls, you can go for a lighter hue like Chinaberry. 

Choosing the Right Color

At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference. On the one hand, if you want a more calming color, you should paint your laundry room in aqua or beige hue. On the other hand, black and gray remain classic choices for those that want a bold and stylish room.

But if you still need more help choosing a color, you can always give Mike’s Decorating and Painting a call. With over twenty years of experience, our professional team can give you personalized recommendations based on the overall style of your home.