In recent years, printing technology has advanced rapidly and pushed the boundaries of stationery. Naturally, the wallpaper market has also evolved, allowing for unique designs that feature stunning colors and impressive craftsmanship. Nowadays, you can find thousands of gorgeous wallpapers that can improve the appearance of any living space. The following is just a sample of what the future has in store for wallpaper enthusiasts.

Scenic Wall Murals

Scenic landscape murals are becoming very popular, mainly due to their ability to transform a room’s style entirely. Atmospheric and evocative, a mural can transport you to another space, blurring the barrier between indoors and outdoors.

But you don’t have to hire an artist to take advantage of this trend. There are plenty of gorgeous wallpapers that are designed to look just like professional murals. These can add an extra dimension, even in smaller spaces. So choose your favorite design and watch as your new scenic wallpaper transforms your living space forever.

Floral Patterns

Floral room decor is once again in the spotlight thanks to its versatility. You can easily integrate floral-based designs into any style, whether it’s retro, vintage, or contemporary. And best of all, with so many unique designs to choose from, you can always find a floral wallpaper that suits your taste.

When searching for a floral wallpaper, you need to first think about color. You also need to consider the size of the flowers, as large prints tend to make small rooms appear even smaller. It’s important to remember that the wallpaper you choose will influence your entire room decor, so take your pick wisely.

Textured Wallpaper

Thanks to printing advancements, wallpapers are no longer one-dimensional pieces of paper. In fact, the number of surfaces that can be printed has increased dramatically. You can find dozens of textured wallpapers that can add a new dimension to your walls. For example, if you want a cozy-looking room, you can get a hessian wallpaper, which will create a cosseting effect.


Chinoiserie has been in and out of fashion for the last couple of years. Usually, this technique is associated with grand country manor homes. But recently, it has been updated to fit modern homes too.

What sets this type of wallpaper apart is the fantastical oriental scenes, stylized flowers, and bird motifs, which will bring a wow factor to your home. And thanks to today’s sprawling wallpaper market, you can find many variations on this classic yet timeless design.

Structured Designs

Last but not least, in 2022, people are looking for security and structure more than ever. That has led to a surge in the popularity of simplified, structured designs. Wallpapers that reference geometric patterns and monochrome palettes can bring comfort and ease of mind. So, if you plan to focus your home’s style on wellness, don’t ignore these modern designs.

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