The classic red and brown brick can make for an appealing house exterior on its own, especially with the help of some diapering. However, as it’s been overused, the good old red brick has become passé. To make your house truly stand out from others in the neighborhood, give your old brick an update. There are several options you can choose when updating brick, such as paint, stain, whitewash, German schmear, or a simple cleaning.

Here are our color recommendations for your house’s exterior paint job:

Updating to White

According to a poll from Sears Weatherbeater Paint, about forty percent of people deem white as the best exterior color for a house. While it might be common, white can never get boring. It ties in impeccably with almost any style out there.

It can act as a sort of base that you can easily build upon, allowing you to get as creative as you want with the other elements. A white exterior can also make your landscaping pop.

What’s more, your white paint doesn’t actually have to be white. Typically, there are multiple shades to choose from. Thus, instead of the plain paper white, you can tone it down with an off-white eggshell or pale smoke.

Updating to Gray

Gray is one of today’s most requested exterior colors, and it’s easy to see why. For one, much like white, it’s neutral and soothing to the eyes, which easily compliments any other color. However, while white can be overpowering in some cases, gray is always a good subtle option.

Besides, gray is such a versatile color. It can have various undertones — blue, green, purple, etc. Also, it can easily find its way into any house style, from Victorian to Contemporary.

Gray works best with white accents (i.e. trims and windows), but as we said, you can’t go too wrong with it either way. A gray exterior will surely make your house seem sleek and luxurious.

Other Colors to Consider

If you’re a fan of warmer colors, then perhaps tan exterior paint might be suitable for you. It adds a tad more interest than the standard white and gray, yet it still shows restraint. The best part is — tan looks gorgeous next to greenery, making it perfect for exteriors.

And in case you’re tired of the neutrals altogether, maybe a light blue or green would suit you better. These non-traditional colors will definitely make your house the talk of the town, catching the eyes of every passer-by.

More Options for Updating Your Home’s Brick

For exteriors, people often select a stain option because it is less upkeep than paint which is why this is often a popular choice. When using a stain it is similar to wood because it will absorb the color like a dye.

Whitewash can be another popular selection for exteriors because it can create a vintage, rustic look. The whitewash is applied to the brick and then wiped away.

German Schmear is a similar technique however it differs with whitewash because a mortar is applied over the brick and then removed. This technique makes the brick look as though it is older but shiny or modern at the same time. This is usually a bit more expensive as this technique does require more skill and experience.

Regardless of what option you may choose to update your interior or exterior brick you will want to be sure to thoroughly clean the brick before applying any permanent treatments. Most people don’t realize that this can completely transform the look and can add significant appeal to your home.

Ready to Make the Change?

No matter if you’ve decided or still can’t seem to settle on a paint color after hours of deliberation, Mike’s Decorating and Painting is at your service. We understand that the exterior paint of your home is crucial in its overall appearance, so we’re here to help in any way we can. Although painting brick is not an easy task, requiring tedious prep work, our skilled painters do not run away from a challenge. Contact us and request your appointment today!