Painting your home’s exterior is a huge undertaking. You need to consider how your home will appear to others and how it will fit in with the rest of the neighboring houses. You also need to think about your budget.

However, no matter how complex the process might be, you should not settle for a safe and dull color for your exterior walls. In fact, the best way to make your home stand out is to combine two colors on its exterior. Don’t believe us? Check out what we mean below.

Things to Consider Before an Exterior Painting Job

As we have mentioned, getting your home’s exterior repainted is no easy feat. It requires utmost care and precision and an experienced and reliable painting team. Here is what the team needs to consider before getting started:

  • Your home’s architectural features
  • The landscaping work
  • The climate of the area
  • Your preferences
  • The overall look of your garden/outside area

What We Mean by Two-Toned Painting

The exterior of most homes consists of three different areas that have to be painted: the body, the accents, and the trim.

The body is the home’s largest surface area, and it includes the front, back, and sides. The trim consists of several architectural elements, such as window sashes, door frames, and porch railings. Finally, the accents usually include the front doors or shutters.

Most homes have a single color on the body. This is the safe route, and most people choose it without even considering other options. But we suggest that you do things differently: add a second or even a third color to your home’s body, and you’ll get something visually appealing and modern with little effort.

Will a Two-Color Scheme Work for Your Home?

Some homes naturally work better with two-color body schemes than others, primarily due to their design. If your home has overhangs or other elements that accentuate and section off the front part, a two-color scheme will be a perfect choice. These sections will be an ideal fit for a second color to complement the main tone.

However, a two-tone scheme can work even if your home is simple and has no fancy architectural elements on the front. You can use a second hue to accentuate the natural breaks of the home if your home is a split-level or ranch-style one.

Best Two-Color Combos

Generally speaking, one color in the pair should be neutral, while the other is usually a bit bolder. The neutral one goes on most parts of the home’s body, while the darker one serves to make the sectioned parts of the body stand out. The most popular bold colors at the moment are green, red, and blue.

Of course, you can also pick two neutrals that complement each other or even two darker hues. In essence, the most important thing is that the colors go well together and with your roof and other architectural elements. You can go with as bold a color as you want or still keep things simple but modern.

Get Your Home Exterior Repainted Today

If you want to discuss a two-toned color scheme for your home’s exterior, contact Mike’s Decorating. We will come up with a combo that will fit your preferences, budget, and overall feel of the area perfectly. Let’s give your home a makeover!