Your baby’s nursery is their sanctuary and represents their little world away from everyone. At Mike’s Decorating, we know that picking out a perfect color for it is an important task. Colors evoke feelings and can shape your baby’s mood and overall well-being. The best colors for babies to wake up to are shades that are softer. As you read the list below think softer tones.

Without further ado, here are the best colors to paint your baby’s nursery:


Grey is one of the most popular colors being painted in a nursery currently.  A soft grey will keep your nursery space looking bright and cheery, choose a soothing blue-gray in a light to medium shade. It’s easy to add just about ANY accent color to it as well.  Another plus is if you are wanting to get started on your nursery but aren’t ready for a gender reveal, you could go ahead and get started add an accent color later.


Red has become a rather popular nursery color in the past few years. It achieves a bold, fun, and exciting atmosphere. However, we would not recommend painting the entire room red, as it might be a bit too much. Rather, you should opt for either an accent wall or some small shapes and decorations.


Although everyone associates pink with girls only, its soft shades can be beneficial to fussy babies in general. This color is the perfect combination of light and bold, and it will make your baby’s nursery a beautiful and safe space.


Orange walls will make any nursery feel like a home. The warmth that this color exudes will ensure your baby is always comfortable and surrounded by coziness. It can also improve your baby’s mood.


Recently, white has taken a backseat and allowed other colors to shine. However, there is beauty in simplicity. If you want something neutral that you can combine any furniture and decorations with, white is the way to go.  Any accent color you choose goes well with white walls.


When we think about yellow, we always think of something fun and lively. Yellow walls are no different, so a yellow nursery would be one filled with joy. However, it is important that you don’t overdo it. This color can be quite bright and it can be overwhelming for babies. Keep it simple and maybe a soft yellow.


Green is the color of nature and nurturing. It is said to bring peace to every room, even if it’s not on the walls themselves. Your baby will be relaxed and tranquil in a green-painted room. Besides, green is also a great option if you don’t know your baby’s gender yet, as it is a neutral choice.


Although blue is traditionally seen as a boy’s color, more and more parents are choosing it for girls’ nurseries as well. Bright and fun shades of blue, such as turquoise, can improve productivity and help your child relax. But darker and deeper shades of blue can bring melancholy and sadness. Thus, picking out the right shade of blue is rather important.


Purple is the color of royalty for a reason. This color is perfect for little girls who dream of becoming princesses. It makes the room look more expensive and luxurious, and it is quite easy on the eye, too. As such, it will help keep your baby calm and happy.

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