Halloween is quickly approaching, and you want to decorate your house accordingly. But if your kitchen cabinets are old and act creepy (i. e. the doors are opening on their own, or the shelves are breaking and throwing stuff all over the place) then you might not need to go that far with decorating. Once the spooky season ends, however, those kitchen cabinets will not be fit for any kitchen. So, you should contact Mike’s Decorating & Painting — we’ll refinish the kitchen cabinets for you, and leave the dilapidated cabinetry in the past.

You might wonder about what kind of cabinets we can refinish — rest assured, we have the latest 2020 cabinetry designs for you!

Open Shelving

These anti-ghost shelves will help you achieve a modern kitchen look by combining functionality and decor. Their popularity is on the rise, as more and more homeowners prefer them for saving space or obtaining a minimal look. So, if you want a killer shelving design, contact us and we can equip your kitchen with the best open shelving.

Open Frame Kitchen Cabinets

Are you proud of your collection of jars filled with human remains? Then you might want to display them in a safe place, where they can still spook your visitors. The best place would be inside open frame kitchen cabinets!

These cabinets have a typical design, but instead of a door, they will have a window which lets you see the items inside. This trend is gaining popularity — for the best deals, make sure you contact Mike’s Decorating & Painting!

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

These modern and sleek cabinets will let you store anything inside without raising suspicion. Shaker kitchen cabinets still have some depth that comes from having a recessed door, but the simplicity of lines gives it a more modern edge. Even ghosts might find them the most accessible! Furthermore, you don’t have to be afraid of the skeletons in the cabinets if you go for this design. They are so modern that no one would suspect them to be haunted!

The shaker kitchen cabinets are some of the most popular ones, and definitely a popular 2020 trend. Contact us and let us equip your kitchen with these totally killer refinished cabinets!

Slab Door Cabinets

Are you trying to conceal a Halloween surprise? The slab door cabinets are so sleek no one will suspect anything hiding in there!

They are inspired by the minimalism present in the Northern countries, and they are definitely a trend increasing in popularity. These kitchen cabinets are as simple as you could imagine — flat and frameless fronts, with metallic hardware, or without any hardware at all! If you want to go for a non-suspicious design, we can help you refinish the best slab door cabinets!

Don’t Be Afraid of a Splash of Color

We’ve told you what some of the top kitchen cabinetry designs for 2020 are, but we haven’t gone through the most popular colors just yet. While you might think that a crimson red cabinet color might be ideal for covering up the blood of your Halloween zombies, don’t be surprised to hear that it’s not a trending cabinetry color for 2020. Instead, try to go for white, light grey, or even a mix of two colors and textures. For instance, you could opt for a lighter top and a darker, even wood-grain bottom cabinets.

You’re not sure what to choose yet? Contact Mike’s Decorating & Painting and we’ll help you choose the best modern cabinet redesign, worthy of scaring all ghosts away!