Regularly remodeling parts of our homes has become a widespread practice among homeowners. From changing the drapes to redesigning entire rooms, home improvement projects have never been more popular. One of the most commonly redesigned parts of a house is the kitchen. But what will 2021 bring to the table for kitchen remodeling? And what are the trends that interior designers are looking forward to embracing?

Unconventional Storage Methods

Since kitchens should be both functional and stylish, simple cabinets don’t cut it anymore. According to interior designers, we will see an increase in demand for smart storage. That includes projects like repurposing old pantries and closets into good-looking and efficient storing spaces. For example, you can convert under-the-stairs storage into a wine cellar. It will be interesting to see what new ideas and concepts designers will bring into the mix.

Durable Materials

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, kitchens have become a gathering spot for people stuck at home. The extra traffic will mean increased pressure on tables and cabinets. As such, the emphasis on good looking yet durable materials has been growing considerably. For example, stain-resistant quartz will soon replace classics like marble and granite. And when it comes to cabinets, durable materials such as hardwood will receive a boost in popularity.

Black Is the New White

Although all-white kitchens are still extremely common, designers consider that black will make a comeback in 2021. Interior designer Maureen Stevens states that black is versatile and classic when it comes to fashion. She believes that the same can be applied to interior design, making black a popular choice in 2021.

In fact, there are a number of ways to introduce black into your kitchen. You can start small with some black pieces here and there or you can go all-in with black quartz countertops. But you shouldn’t worry that much about matching black with black, as mixed metals will still be holding up in 2021.

Waterfall Edges

According to the interior designer Kellie Sirna, countertops with waterfall edges will become popular in 2021. She believes that the vertical drop of a waterfall edge enhances the beauty of any natural stone countertop. But besides their esthetic appeal, waterfall edges add an extra layer of protection to the cabinets below.

Accent Lighting

All good interior designers know how important lighting is, especially when it comes to the kitchen. It not only influences the ability to cook but also sets up the mood. Experts consider dimmable accent lighting will become a major focus of kitchen design in 2021. A lower electrical bill and its eye-catching glamour are just some of the upsides of accent lighting.

The Bottom Line

Even if we can’t be completely sure of what 2021 will be like, it will be a great year for kitchen design. With a focus on functionality and style, kitchens will undergo a series of changes according to most designers.

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