The most prominent parts of every home are the entryway, (front doors, front garage doors, and entry stairs), as well as the condition of the interior and exterior paint.  They deserve a lot of attention and care. However, most people don’t give it much thought.

Is your home telling you that it desperately needs an update? If so, keep reading. Here are all the ideas you can use to transform your home to be polished-looking and something to be proud of.

1.   Paint Is Always Welcome

If your door, stairs, or the paint looks a bit beat down, a brand-new coat of paint will fix it right up. Before you start any painting project, make sure you prepare the surface thoroughly. That way, the new color will adhere best.

As for the shade you should pick — it’s all up to you. Take a look at your home’s exterior and interior items such as brick color, and roof color, and if there are any surfaces that you will leave the same color. Select the colors that would complement it the most. If you can’t figure it out, you can never go wrong with neutral shades of brown or gray.

2.   Apply a Coat of Stain

Applying a coat of stain can also do a lot to transform many parts of your home. This makeover method is especially suitable for those with wooden doors, stairs, and railings.

Namely, the stain will accentuate the already existing wood patterns. Furthermore, it will make your home look shiny and new, making it appear as if you did a lot more than just stain it.

Just like with paint, it’s pivotal to prepare the surface before you begin staining it. That way, the surface will be smooth and shiny.

3.   Install New Hardware

If you want your entryway to impress, you can also install new hardware. That includes things like a new knob, lock, hinges (if necessary), and kick plates.

Besides making your home look a lot better, these elements will also ensure it is less noisy. In addition, a brand new lock and knob or handle will also ensure your home is a safer place.

4.   Add Small Details

Finally, you can also breathe new life into your home by adding small accessories and changes. For example, every door will look cozier and more appealing with a pretty wreath hanging on it. Stairs that match your flooring can make a huge improvement. Trim on your home’s exterior, being a different color, can really make it pop. Moreover, you can also nail in a door knocker or some lighting near your freshly painted garage doors. These accessories are quite handy, and they both look great.

Need Any Help?

At Mike’s Decorating and Painting, we specialize in these renovations, including repainting and staining. If you’d like to update your home and would like some advice or a quote, give us a call.

Together, we’ll come up with a plan that will ensure your home looks brand new once more!

Please note, a minimum amount of work is required and can be discussed during the quoting process.