Do you know what the best way to freshen up your home’s look is? By painting the exterior, of course! Now the only question is which color you should choose. If you’re on the fence, and don’t know who to turn to, we at Mike’s Decorating and Painting have your back. We’ll show you all the latest trends, and help you figure out which colors will work for your home.

Choosing the Right Color For Your home

There are a couple of things that every homeowner should consider before settling on a color palette. First off, which color will increase the curb appeal of your home? We know that countless people settle on only neutral palettes because they’re afraid of losing that curb appeal. However, other colors are definitely trending this year, and it’s the perfect time to go for something new.

To better figure out what will work for your home, we suggest taking advantage of online paint sampling programs. These will help homeowners see the big picture before making their final decisions. 

Of course, the absolute best way to determine how your home will look is by taking a paint sample (or two) and apply it directly on the house. Once you’ve landed on a color, call Mike’s Decorating and Painting to finish the job.

Neutral Palettes

Neutral palettes and tones have always been in style, no matter the year or season. Here are some of the most popular shades.


Tan, taupe, and beige have been incredibly popular over the years, and they go amazingly well with white trims. Choosing a darker shade of these colors is an excellent way to hide the dirt or debris on the house. What’s more, the colors are still neutral, but warm, and will boost any home’s curb appeal.

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is a neutral color that we don’t see on houses often enough, even though it’s both sophisticated and makes a statement. Combining a charcoal gray exterior with white trim will give any home a modern and chic look.

Olive or Forest Green

Countless people seem to be terrified of going for a green palette, without realizing how beautiful (and neutral) it can be. Both olive and forest green work well with any landscape, don’t disrupt the surroundings, and of course, boost curb appeal.

Daring Palettes

If you’re in the mood for something much bolder than taupe or beige, 2020 is the ideal year to go for it.


When we say red house paint, we don’t mean fire truck red, but something more neutral and muted that still makes a splash. For example, some of our favorite shades of red include burgundy, merlot, or mahogany.


Blue is another one of those colors that will make any home a standout on the block. In 2020, we’re seeing homeowners moving on from pastels and going for brighter choices. Some of our favorite blue shades for homes include turquoise, ocean, indigo, and even navy. 


Lastly, there’s no color that’ll make a statement quite like black. This color will make any home look modern, stylish, and the talk of the town. Black house paint, coupled with white trim, provides a contrast that looks out of this world. 

Final Thoughts

Those are all of our favorite exterior painting color trends for 2020 that we feel would look incredible on any home. As soon as you’ve settled on a color and a shade, be sure to contact Mike’s Decorating & Painting to make your appointment. We will be at your doorstep before you know it, ready to make your colorful dreams come true.