Let’s be honest — the exterior paint of a home is extremely important. Not only does it offer a layer of protection against mold and mildew, but it is also the first thing anyone notices about your house. Unfortunately, due to weather exposure, aging, and bad craftsmanship, exterior paint tends to degrade and look old. So, let’s learn about some of those problems and what you can do to fix them.

Common Exterior Paint Problems and Solutions


Blistering can be described as the accumulation of bubbles that lift off the paint film from the underlying surface. That usually occurs when the contractor paints a warm surface that is in direct sunlight or when they use an oil-based paint over a wet surface.

What’s the solution? Simply put, you’ll have to remove the source of moisture, scrape, and sand the surface, and then prime and repaint the bare wood.


Crocodiling is characterized by a patterned cracking in the surface of the paint film which resembles the scales of a crocodile. The main cause is often the application of a rigid coating over a flexible coating. Additionally, crocodiling can also occur when the painter applies a topcoat before the undercoat has had time to completely dry.

When crocodiling happens, you will have to remove the old paint and then prime the surface with high-quality acrylic. Afterward, you will be able to repaint your home without worrying about crocodiling.


Fading refers to the excessive or premature lightening of the paint color, which usually occurs on surfaces exposed to the sun. But, often, fading also happens due to the use of low-quality paint or improper application.

If you encounter fading, you will have to repaint your home entirely using high-quality exterior paint.


Frosting is the accumulation of a white, salt-like substance on the painted surface. And while it can happen on any type of paint, regardless of color, it is less noticeable on white paint. So, what’s the main cause of frosting? To put it simply, frosting occurs in areas that are rarely touched by rain or other moisture.

Sadly, frosting is very stubborn and requires the sanding of the affected surface. Not only that, but you will have to apply an alkyd-based primer before you can finally repaint the surface.

The Bottom Line

All in all, anyone can encounter problems with their home’s exterior paint. And even though you can try to fix them yourself, it’s always better to call a professional contractor. Luckily, Mike’s Decorating & Painting is here to help you make it like new!

So why waste your time trying to fix your paint when you can count on our 37 years of experience? One simple phone call is all that stands between being out with the old and in with the new!