For nearly four decades, Mike’s Decorating & Painting has been providing the Frankfort, IL area with exceptional home renovation services. From refinishing cabinets, entry doors, and staircases to exterior and interior painting, we are here for all your remodeling needs.

Although there are numerous painting and decorating services in the south and southwest suburbs of Chicagoland, we stand out in more ways than one. First, customer satisfaction is truly our number one goal. We always work together with our clients to improve their space exactly how they envision it to be. Thus, we take care to understand your ideas, and along with our expertise bring your vision to life.

Second, our services are some of the most affordable you can get in the area. We think that everyone deserves a beautiful home, regardless of their budget. That’s why we like to sit down with our clients and discuss how we can best approach a remodeling job with the funds they are working with.

These characteristics have made us one of the area’s largest and most trusted companies. Our experienced staff, excellent workmanship, and caring customer service seal the deal in making us the best option.

More About What We Do


Applying a fresh coat of paint is not only a great idea, but it’s also the most affordable home update you can do. With minimal investment in materials and a low learning curve, everybody can redo their home’s paint. Painting is easy, fast, and drastically improves the value of your property. And if you feel overwhelmed, you can always hire a professional to do all the work for you.

But while most people focus solely on the exterior walls, they forget about the rest of their house. Why stop there, when you could repaint the ceiling, doors, and windows in a day’s work? Just remember to properly match the colors and avoid anything too eccentric that might turn off potential buyers.


Even though most people focus on painting their home, refinishing doors, stairs, and cabinets is as important as the former. And while you could handle those projects yourself, it’s usually a better idea to rely on professional contractors.


Front doors are constantly exposed to the elements such as sun, rain, and snow. As a result, your front door will start peeling and flaking, losing most of its original paint in the process. And since first impressions matter the most, you want to impress potential buyers with a good-looking front door. In other words, refinishing your entry door is a must, especially if you want to sell your home. Mike’s can bring your sun-damaged, peeling, and flaking exterior entry door back to life! Both wood AND fiberglass doors can be stripped (if necessary), sanded, and refinished to bring back curb appeal. Doors, sidelights, and frames can be stained or painted to your custom color selection.


Refinishing your stairs not only offers guests and potential buyers a great first impression but also provides a great return on investment. From changing the carpet to repainting the handrail, there are a lot of improvements that can transform your old staircase. Additionally, keeping hardwoods looking good retains the value of your home.


Similar to entry doors, cabinets withstand a lot of wear and tear during their lifetime. Therefore, they are prone to peeling, flaking, and staining, drastically reducing their appearance. However, a fresh coat of paint and a finish can make any old cabinet look brand new. At Mike’s Decorating our crew will remove all your doors, and drawers and bring them back to our shop to help eliminate dust and debris in your home. The cabinets will be sanded, caulked, and primed to prepare for the high-quality, flawless finish coat applied in our enclosed spray booth.

Frankfort, IL’s Best Painting and Decorating Company Is at Your Service

If you’re looking for a company that will help you with your painting, refinishing, and remodeling needs, contact us today. Our skilled technicians will meet with you and help you come up with a plan that will breathe new life into your home and significantly increase its value.

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