For a lot of people, winter is seen as a season of isolation, dreariness, and feeling blue. Although the Christmas holidays make the atmosphere a bit more lively, many become despondent again as soon as January starts and the weather worsens.

One excellent way to avoid or at least minimize the winter blues is to paint the inside of your home in bright and energetic colors. From cheery yellow to invigorating green, here are all the hues to consider for your own home.

Vivid Colors for Your Bedroom

Since you usually begin and end every day in your bedroom, it is, perhaps, the most important space in your home. So, if you want to cheer yourself up a bit and paint the blues away, starting with your bedroom is a smart idea.

You can never go wrong with green, as it is the color that most people associate with happiness and peace. To make it extra joyful, we suggest you go for shades such as grasshopper and emerald.

And if you’d rather opt for something a tad warmer, beeswax yellow or gold are always fantastic options. Moreover, you can also choose soft shades of orange, purple, and even red.

Transform Your Kitchen

As for kitchen colors, it’s essential to find a balance between neutral and jolly. That way, the room can appear brighter without being too overwhelming to the eyes.

Our favorite shades for this season are buttercream yellow and tuberose. They are subtle enough to fit just about any style of furniture and appliances, but still vivid. As such, they will take your winter blues away before you even apply a second coat.

If you don’t want to paint everything or you’re on a budget, it’s also a good idea to do one accent wall. You can do it using some pretty wallpaper or a coat of paint of your choice. Either way, your kitchen will look brand new.

Breathe New Life Into Your Living Room

Last but not least, you can also make the dreary winter months better by repainting your living room.

Despite their reputation, certain shades of blue can actually help make you feel livelier. That is especially the case with teal, sky blue, and turquoise. In addition, they are great living room colors because you can easily match them with most furniture shades.

Aside from blue, you can also go for lavender or gold. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even combine several shades on different walls. That way, your living room will look more dazzling than ever.

Need Any Help?

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