At one point, you’ve most likely heard that painting a room in dark colors will make it feel smaller. However, believe it or not, quite the opposite is true. Dark shades, particularly black, can actually improve the look and feel of small rooms. But why is that the case and why does black hold so much power? Let’s find out!

The Psychology Behind Black

Psychologists believe that the black color has the power to amplify darkness and coolness. That should help you fall asleep faster and relax during the night. As a result, they recommend this dark shade for bedrooms and living rooms.

However, since dark colors tend to generate negative emotions, experts advise people to balance black with warmer shades. For instance, you could place cream-colored furniture in a black room to create a balancing contrast. That way, you won’t overwhelm your eyes whenever you enter the room. Or, you could use light fixtures to illuminate and highlight certain areas of your room. Regardless of your preferred method, it’s important to remember that adjusting the wall’s texture and the room’s lighting can really help take the edge off and create a feeling of coziness and style.

Why Is Black Ideal for Small Rooms?

Besides being good for your well-being, black is also recommended by color experts. More specifically, professional painters use black to make rooms look larger. That’s because the color is able to create a blur effect on each corner of the room. This optical illusion adds depth and dimension to your small room instead of amplifying the claustrophobic feeling, as some might think.

Additionally, you could also use black to accentuate your room’s height with the help of color drenching. This process involves painting your woodwork the same color as your walls. However, keep in mind that color drenching is most effective in rooms with low ceilings.

Finally, black is an elegant color that can suit all types of homes. From traditional, simple wood furniture to modern appliances, black can work in any room, regardless of its size and style. Therefore, you’re no longer restricted when it comes to designing your dream room. Now, you can go wild, mixing and matching themes to your heart’s content.

Embrace the Power of Black Paint!

Whether you want to paint a small bedroom or a large living room, black is a great color that can amplify and boost your home’s style. Not only can it add extra space, but black is also incredibly stylish, turning any room into your home’s focal point. However, like any painting project, it’s always best to rely on a professional.

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