Do you have that one room that’s much smaller than any other place in your home? Perhaps it’s a small bedroom or a bathroom that makes you feel a bit claustrophobic.

Fortunately, there’s a way to make a small room look larger without having to break down any walls. This method involves some specific painting techniques that many professionals use during their projects. Sounds intriguing? Then keep reading to learn more about these techniques and use them to create the illusion of a bigger room.

Contrasting Colors

Expert painters often use contrasting colors to make any room appear bigger. They paint the far wall dark and keep the side walls a light shade. The resulting contrast will give the appearance of spaciousness.

Another way you can use this method is to paint the walls a light color and add some decor elements that feature a darker shade. For example, you can have wall shelving or a wardrobe that contrasts your walls. When you do that, the free space will look lighter and make the room look and feel bigger.

Adding Height to a Room

Contrasting colors can also be used to add height to a room. All you need to do is paint all the walls a dark shade and then paint the ceiling using a light color. However, for this optical illusion to work, the floor should also feature a light color. And while some people might want to paint their floor, it’s best if you buy some light-colored carpeting or hardwood flooring instead.

There’s also a similar technique that requires you to paint a small white border on your walls, one foot below your ceiling. Then, you’ll have to paint the upper part of each wall white, starting right where the border begins. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to paint the other section of the wall with a darker color, which should create the desired contrast and add some height to your room.

Adding Depth to a Room

Besides a room’s height, paint can also improve its depth. You can do that by painting the far wall of your room a light color. The other walls should feature a dark color in order to absorb light and add depth.

Unfortunately, this method can create a tunnel effect. Thus, we advise you to use it to lengthen slanted walls and sections off staircases.

Professional Painting Services

Although it won’t give you more space to work with, painting can help improve the look and feel of any room. Contrasting colors are the ideal method as they can add additional depth and height to any small space.

However, while you could handle the project all by yourself, most experts recommend that you rely on a professional painter. That’s because they’ll be able to help determine which shades work best for the type of effect you are looking for. Plus, they’ll be able to handle all the nitty-gritty details, such as choosing the right supplies and preparing the surface for painting. So make sure to contact your local painting contractor before embarking on your home remodeling project!