Who doesn’t want to live in a modern home? There are many affordable changes you can make around your house if you want to increase its value. So, today, we at Mike’s Decorating & Painting will outline the best ROI home renovations!

1. Minor Kitchen Remodel, Refinishing Cabinets

ROI: 80.5 percent

According to surveys, small kitchen remodeling jobs are among the highest ROI home renovations. Usually, such projects involve the installation of new kitchen cabinets. However, practice shows that cabinet refinishing offers the same results. Plus, it is quite affordable.

2. Refinishing Staircases

ROI: 74.9 percent

Even the most modern house will fail to make a good first impression if it has an outdated staircase. After all, the stairs are a permanent feature in a home. What’s more, they are often the focal point in the entryway. So, we always encourage our customers to refinish their stair railing and staircase.

3. Refinishing Garage Doors

ROI: 90.5 percent

In Chicago, garage door replacement is among the highest ROI home renovations since it improves the property’s appearance. Plus, an updated garage door can increase the functionality of any house. With garage door refinishing, the ROI is even greater. Although it is cheap to complete, the project will offer you the same benefits.

4. Interior and Exterior Painting

ROI: 94.9 percent

The fastest and most affordable way to transform a home is to repaint its exterior and interior. By doing so, you can completely change the style and atmosphere of the property.

Still, it is vital to use the correct painting technique and tools. Otherwise, you risk decreasing the value of your house. If you want to play it safe, hire our expert painters and decorators. Our team will not only paint your home but also help you choose the best colors for it.

5. Deck Addition

ROI: 76.6 percent

Anytime you increase a home’s usable living space, you improve its market value. A new deck accomplishes this, while also creating a strong connection to the outdoors, a feature that ranks high on most homebuyers’ wish list. Whichever material you choose, be sure to rope off a full-scale mock-up of the deck during the planning phase to make sure the surface is getting the right balance of sun and shade.

To Conclude

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the value and curb appeal of your home. Still, although our choice of high ROI home renovations includes only simple and quick projects, don’t DIY them. It is always best to rely on professionals such as the expert team of Mike’s Decorating and Painting. We not only use the best materials, but we also deliver results that speak for themselves.