Are you experiencing wavy and uneven walls and ceilings or have your interior walls seen better days? If so, there is still hope. You can get your drywall corrected. Continue reading to learn what drywall is, why you should choose drywall and signs of a bad drywall job. At Mike’s Decorating we specializes in drywall, and we’re here to help you.

What Is Drywall?

Let’s start with what drywall actually is. Drywall is a specific construction material made from thin panels of gypsum boards. Many opt to use it in the making of ceilings and walls. It is common both in commercial and residential structures. Some other typical names for drywall are wallboard, gypsum board, and plasterboard. The common name “drywall” comes from the fact that this material does not need water for its construction.

Why Should You Choose Drywall?

Drywall offers several different benefits and advantages. For starters, it is fire-resistant. For that reason, it can prevent serious fire damage happening to your home.What’s more, it’s very economical and durable. Drywall is also versatile — it is easy to paint and decorate. Most importantly, it is also easy to replace and repair. Lastly, drywall has excellent noise-mitigating properties. For these reasons, drywall is a great choice. It is a perfect construction material for both walls and ceilings. 

Signs of a Bad Drywall Job

Drywall installation is specialized work that requires attention to detail. You may be will to overlook minor flaws in your unfinished attic or garage but don’t put up with major issues that compromise your home’s appearance. If you see clearly visible joints, fasteners, ridges or crooked corners, call your installer to have the work corrected. Achieving a smooth finish on drywall can be messy. It takes a lot of sanding, which produces a lot of fine dust. Responsible professionals clean up the dust thoroughly before they leave. If your installer didn’t clean up their mess, that can be another sign of a bad job.

Our Services

At Mike’s Decorating, your wish is our command. No matter how big or small a repair is, we approach every task with the same amount of professional care and responsibility. Whatever construction project you need done, we are ready to take matters into our hands. We provide a wide range of services, from small repairs all the way to bigger building projects. Our team offers many installation options and unique services. Also, we are proud to say that we can offer a reliable team of hard-working and time-efficient professionals. Our team can provide quality work and outstanding results. Firstly, our staff guarantees clean and courteous quality work. Plus, we are also trained to quickly solve any drywall problems you may be facing in your home. This includes wavy or uneven walls and ceilings, holes, nail pops, cracks, water damage, insurance work, and many more.

In conclusion, with all the benefits drywall has to offer (and our professional help), you can finally say goodbye to your uneven walls and ceiling for good. Contact Mike’s Decorating Today!