We can all agree that the exterior of your home is an important part of your property’s curb appeal. That’s because it’s often the first thing a visitor will notice and influence their first impression. As a result, you want your home’s paint to be as crisp and clean as possible. But as time goes on, paint tends to scratch, peel, fade, and overall lose its original look. Fortunately, you can always get in touch with a professional painter and refresh your home’s exterior.

However, not every contractor is capable of providing high-quality services. That’s why, if you want to avoid potential miscommunication and disappointment, you’ll have to carefully screen each potential painter using the following handy checklist.

Consult Local Companies

As a rule of thumb, you should contact at least three or more different contractors and request an estimate. Make sure to pay close attention to how much time it takes for a painter to give you an assessment. Keep in mind that the more time a contractor spends analyzing your home, the more realistic the estimate will be. In fact, even experienced painters will require more than a few minutes and a walk around your home to come up with a realistic price. That way, you’ll be able to find out who is worth hiring and who is there for a quick buck.

Get Detailed Estimates

When requesting an estimate, ask the contractor to break down all labor and material costs, the brand and model of materials, and the number of primer and paint coats. You can use this information to compare painters and figure out which one fits your budget.

Check Past Projects

Remember to check each contractor’s past work and references before deciding on one. A history of positive references and high-quality projects is a good sign that the painter can be trusted. If possible, you can also ask for new and old pictures from their previous projects. These will help you figure out how each contractor’s work is holding up after some months or even years.

Ask for Guarantees

Any professional painter will offer some sort of warranty. While they won’t cover any damage done by the homeowners, these guarantees should ensure that your contractor will correct peeling, chipping, flaking, or excessive fading that occurs within a set amount of time after the job is completed. However, be aware that, while the paint itself might already come with a warranty, it doesn’t include labor, which is often more expensive than the paint. So always ask about that warranty the contractor can provide and what exactly it covers.

Don’t Hire Without a Complete Contract

A complete contract should include all vital information such as the contractor’s name, office, address, and cell phone number. It also needs to feature every detail that was presented in the estimate. And lastly, make sure the contract states what is and what isn’t included in the project.

Hire a Professional Painter Today!

Although some painting projects can be done by homeowners, it’s always best to hire a professional painter. Not only do they use high-quality materials, but they also have more expertise. However, finding an expert painter is not easy, especially with so many contractors out there. But, with a bit of care and attention, you, too, will be able to hire one that can turn your dream project into reality.