Replacing your kitchen is a job far too strenuous and expensive. That becomes especially clear when you think about how you can freshen up the room without spending too much money.

If that is what you are interested in, stay tuned. We will go over the best ways you can refurbish, repaint, and refresh your kitchen to make it look and feel brand new.

Repaint or Restain Your Kitchen Cabinets

Oftentimes, all your kitchen needs to look fantastic and new again are some freshly painted or stained cabinets. They are the most prominent items in the room, meaning that the way they look can make or break the entire thing.

If your cabinets look a bit rusty and their color has faded, painting or restaining them is the best way to go. As long as the doors, frames, and the wood in general are in decent condition, you can get away with just a paint job or stain to bring some ZING to your kitchen.

Before you begin painting or staining, make sure you clean the cabinets and remove the old paint as much as possible. That will allow the new paint or stain to stick to the wood easier and make your cabinets look natural and beautiful.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can choose a unique finish to add to your cabinets. Crackle or antique designs can really elevate your kitchen from plain and boring to modern and full of personality in no time.

Replace Your Kitchen Hardware

Though this change might seem small and insignificant, it can actually help you refresh your kitchen considerably. After you have painted your cabinets, you can get new hardware and replace that as well. That way, the cabinets will really feel brand new.

This investment will not cost you too much, but it will do a lot to make your kitchen shine again. If you also get new hinges for the doors and drawer slides, you’ll make your life a lot easier and ensure the cabinets last you for years to come.

Make sure that you get handles, knobs, and other hardware that matches the paint you chose for the cabinets. For example, get vintage ones if you went with a rustic finish and color, or shiny and minimalistic ones for a more modern color.

The Devil Is In the Details

Finally, you can finish off your lovely new kitchen by adding in some aesthetic but practical details. For example, you can get some new hand towels and towel holders. The towels can be bright and fun, and you can make sure they match your repainted cabinets.

At the moment, towels and dishcloths with little loops are the most popular. You can just hang them on little hooks once you’re done with them, and they will always be dry and ready for use again.

The hooks, holders, and towels are affordable and won’t drain your budget. However, they’re a great way to finish up reinventing your kitchen, and you’ll love the result even more with them.

Need Any Help?

If you need even more tips or you would like pros handling your dream kitchen, give Mike’s Decorating a call. We can make your kitchen shine again without taking all your money and time. With us, the kitchen you have always wanted is just a few simple steps away.