With spring upon us, many people are looking for new interior paint ideas to freshen up their homes. Besides making your home more aesthetically pleasing, a brand-new color can also help you express your style and individuality.

If you want to paint your own home’s interior, follow along. We’ve sat down with our experts and had them reveal the 6 colors that will rule 2023.

1.   Bold Reds and Oranges

In 2023, it is time to say goodbye to neutral and soothing hues that reigned supreme in the past few years. Instead, bold and impactful colors are more popular than ever, with different shades of red and orange taking center stage.

Reds and oranges represent passion, vivacity, and creativity. What’s more, they encourage you to express yourself without any fear, which is a mindset that you should try to invoke in the new year.

Since 2023 is all about getting out of your comfort zone, buying some red or orange interior paint is a great place to start. As soon as you refresh your home, making changes within should come easier.

2.   Magnificent Magenta

We’re staying in the realm of daring warm colors, as our next pick is magenta. This color brings about a special kind of vibrancy that will match your mood and goals for 2023.

If you find the hue too striking for your walls, it is just as great for your doors, cabinets, or other smaller details around the house. Think about other hues you like, and see how you can incorporate this gem into your vision.

3.   Soft Greens

Green truly never goes out of style. From grass green to Savannah green, this color can help you make your home look brand new in just a few days. Besides being a clear nod to Mother Nature, green is also a soothing choice that will help you relax and find inner peace after a long day at work.

4.   Earthy Shades

Continuing with the natural vibe, you can also get some interior paint in earthbound shades associated with craftsmanship. For this season, warm tones of brown — such as copper and gingerbread — are all the rage.

In case you think these tones are a bit too overwhelming for entire rooms, you can always save them for accent walls. That way, you’ll take advantage of their warmth without making your home appear too dark.

5.   Blush Hues

Do you want something neutral but still cozy and vibrant? In that case, a light blush tone will be a perfect choice. Besides being an excellent base color, blush also goes well with most other shades, meaning that finding matching furniture and decorations won’t be difficult at all.

6.   Elevated Black

Although black is a classic choice, it’s been slightly overdone in the past few years. So, if you want something modern but still dark and mysterious, we suggest wenge. This shade combines deep chocolate brown with black and pink, striking the perfect balance between coolness and warmth.

Need Any Help?

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