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2020 Painting Trends: What’s in Style This Year?

While most homeowners would like to keep it safe by painting their walls white, we’re here today to show you which trendy shades would definitely make your home more eye-catching and beautiful.

In general, shades of green, blue, gray, and black, mostly muted in tone, will take center stage in 2020. However, we don’t want you to get all confused while choosing the paint; here are some tried-and-tested colors that will make your house or apartment a true home.


This year, we cannot go wrong by incorporating a shade of green into our home decor. Indeed, out of all the most popular color options this year, this one takes the cake, and not only in terms of painting but home decor too.

Sherwin Williams’ Green Black, Quietude, Fleur De Sel, Rocky River, Decorator’s White, and Rock Garden are just a few examples. Some of the most popular options right now include SW Sea Salt and Liveable Green.

Notice how these shades are mostly muted and have a few different undertones (blue, gray, brown, and yellow). Though green is on-trend this year, we won’t be seeing primary green all that much. The focus is on softer, muted tones.

It’s easy to understand why green is all the rage this year. Nature and organic elements are once more in the spotlight, so most consumers are drawn to incorporating muted, earthy tones into their home decor. These should inspire calmness and serenity, which many of us definitely crave.



Though grays are often quite cool, this year, warmer tones will be at the height of their popularity. The colors will be more saturated than ever before, and the lighter shades will seem almost beige (SW’s Acier and Keystone, as well as Benjamin Moore’s Fieldstone, for instance).

At the same time, darker tones will ooze warmth and be almost brown. SW’s Porpoise, Urbane Bronze, Iron Ore, and Grays Harbor are some great choices if you are looking for muted, super-warm, darker shades of gray.


In the last few years, we’ve seen that blue has become somewhat of a staple in most homes. However, this year, the shades that are on-trend are those with a hint of warmth to them. Violet or yellow undertones will be a must this year, with many consumers opting for navy and indigo paint.

Some of the most beautiful examples include SW’s Naval, Icy, Indigo, Blackened Blue, Slate Blue, Searching Blue, and Rarified Air. BM’s Knoxville Gray and Boothbay Gray are slightly grayer but equally attractive options too.

Some colors, such as gray and blue, are always going to be popular. What changes through the years are the undertones, actually. And what’s interesting about blues these years is that warmer darker shades and cooler lighter tones will rise in popularity.



Finally, 2020 will also be the year of black, complex hues with various violet, brown, blue, and green undertones. These blacks will be used both outside and inside the home, for kitchen cabinets, for instance, or to make the exterior of a house more industrial-looking.

In fact, industrial home design will continue to be all the rage this year, but it will have a touch of modern farmhouse to it. The emphasis will be on metal finishes and various textures. Homes will also sport exposed beams, and the wood is likely to be lighter in shade.

Black will also be used on the outside to create an excellent contrast if we combine it with white. Right now, many homeowners are opting for lighter, almost white shades for the exterior and black windows for a modern and effective look.

Not Sure About the Shades?

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